Packing: 0
DIY Difficulty: 0
Love At First Site: 10
Play Time: 9
Home Styling: 10
Breakability: lifetime of fun
Worth It?: 10 

Okay yes... this is yet another beige wooden toy review. Do you know why it's another? because i like to spend that extra £4 so that it will last for years of play, put in the attic until India can pass it down with all of her memories to her children. Wait how wild is it I could be a grandmother in the future. STOP THAT.

This is a very simple review. India loves the cars... I love the cars ... the shelves look good with the cars. We've had these for over a month now and they honestly have been played with every day so even though the price point is higher there is no doubt in my mind the cost got paid off weeks ago. With wooden toys you are paying for craftsmanship, to last forever and have beautiful details. These retail at £21 which I actually think is super reasonable for the size and quality, they drive so smooth and have a nice weight to them. What a dream.
Obviously, this is a pretty glowing report so lemme just run through my normal checkpoints - Packaging, Zuri and Jane are super into sustainability so of course the most minimal amount of packaging you could find which of course went straight into our green bin. Diy difficultly, its already built and sturdy. Love at first site? of course, they're bloomin' beautiful. Playtime is incredible, she actually spends a lot longer than i thought she would and they're involved in every invitation to play we set up. Home styling... they're wood so of course imma love them wherever they go. They're not gonna break ... they just don't have it in them therefore they are 100% worth it!!
Look, i just think you should buy them. That's all there is to it.

I feel like i need to review something from the unwanted basket of fantastic plastic next week as i understand beige isn't everyone's cuppa but seriously the difference in the imaginative play India has with her wooden toys is crazy!

I actually have a 10% off code for you guys in case you did want to use it - INDIAROSE

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