Toy Review Tuesday Miniland Baby

Packing: 5
DIY Difficulty: 0
Love At First Site: 10
Play Time: 9
Home Styling: 5
Breakability: a lifetime of fun
Worth It?: 10 

Okay, let's do this! Finally a plastic toy review. I really deliberated what to toy do after it being paraded and fed right in front of me the whole time. The Miniland baby! This is never something i really thought i'd buy..especially when i did 19 months! I thought this would be a toy for a 5-year-old, however, India picked up a 'baybeee' in Wilkos and tantrumed until i paid for it...she carried it all the way home and squealed with excitement when i opened it, fed it and carried it around like a real baby. Bare in mind the week before she would not let me go near a newborn, so this for me was utterly bizarre and where did she learn how to care for it? Anyway an hour later the leg was pulled off and the fear on the poor girls face was A* you've been framed moment. 
That is how we got to the miniland baby, pretty much the only one on the internet that didn't creep me out and sturdy enough to last India's torturous grip. After looking into these dolls i found that there were many small businesses that made, in particular, the clothes to fit this doll. What made it even better was the fact i could purchase matching bonnets. Why am i this crazy?

Let's start the review, first up packaging. Now this is from Amazon so you already expect it to be packed in a box 5 times bigger than needed but that's fine as that can go in recycling. As for the doll itself, it's what you expect with a plastic window, ties and a box. I thought id mark it 5 out of 10 as obviously its not the cleanest of packaging but at the same time... it's what you expect with a brand like this, unfortunately.
There was no building or putting together required so the DIY difficulty was trying to get it out of the box ... 0.
Love at first site? Okay i dunno, these dolls usually creep me out... this one doesn't? So I'm unsure if i should be rating it higher or not. Then i remember this toy is not for me ... for India, it's a 10 . She absolutely adored it and battled with me as i tried to pull it out the box. I just thought i'd note down that they also have a wide range of ethnicities to pick from which is lovely to see.
Playtime, she adores her baybeee. It's up there with one of her most played with toys. Teaparty, baby wrap, potty training, reading books, watching bing ... i would say most things that she does or plays the baby will take a part in, it's stupidly cute.
Hhmmm home styling. It's just a no. It's never something that i would be like '' oh my gosh let me run and get the camera ...THIS WILL MAKE ME IG FAMOUS. '' It's no pastel rainbow unno? or a decorative piece. Although I'll eat my words because when its in the poppie bamboo day bed it does give me all the brood vibes.
Being sturdy enough was one of the main things that drew me to this brand due to the other one being so cheap and breaking so fastt. The limbs do a 360 and seem to be locked in there enough. No hair has shed, no lumps, bumps, or scratches.
The question we are all here for.. Is it worth it?! Yes 100%. I think it's in our nature to want to nurture and its been wild seeing how she interacts and knows what to do without ever being shown. It really makes me melt and smile. Also i think this may break her in a bit for when her next sibling ( if it does ) comes along.  I would highly recommend this brand over others especially being about to support smaller businesses with buying clothes from them rather than the actual big company.

I'll leave the links to the dolls and clothes below.. you just have to click on the image to check it out and shop!


Packing: 0
DIY Difficulty: 0
Love At First Site: 10
Play Time: 9
Home Styling: 10
Breakability: lifetime of fun
Worth It?: 10 

Okay yes... this is yet another beige wooden toy review. Do you know why it's another? because i like to spend that extra £4 so that it will last for years of play, put in the attic until India can pass it down with all of her memories to her children. Wait how wild is it I could be a grandmother in the future. STOP THAT.

This is a very simple review. India loves the cars... I love the cars ... the shelves look good with the cars. We've had these for over a month now and they honestly have been played with every day so even though the price point is higher there is no doubt in my mind the cost got paid off weeks ago. With wooden toys you are paying for craftsmanship, to last forever and have beautiful details. These retail at £21 which I actually think is super reasonable for the size and quality, they drive so smooth and have a nice weight to them. What a dream.
Obviously, this is a pretty glowing report so lemme just run through my normal checkpoints - Packaging, Zuri and Jane are super into sustainability so of course the most minimal amount of packaging you could find which of course went straight into our green bin. Diy difficultly, its already built and sturdy. Love at first site? of course, they're bloomin' beautiful. Playtime is incredible, she actually spends a lot longer than i thought she would and they're involved in every invitation to play we set up. Home styling... they're wood so of course imma love them wherever they go. They're not gonna break ... they just don't have it in them therefore they are 100% worth it!!
Look, i just think you should buy them. That's all there is to it.

I feel like i need to review something from the unwanted basket of fantastic plastic next week as i understand beige isn't everyone's cuppa but seriously the difference in the imaginative play India has with her wooden toys is crazy!

I actually have a 10% off code for you guys in case you did want to use it - INDIAROSE