I'm back on youtube after being away for many months. I find it hard sometimes as it's like being on bigbrother constantly, apart from you have to watch yourself 10 million times over until you edit yourself 'cool' enough for someone else to watch - just to go and leave a negative comment or thumbs down. Social medias kinda brutal when you think about it right? Anyway, I'm not my biggest fan however I've decided to put that aside as pictures just aren't doing it for me at the moment. I love them, photography truley is my passion. However, you then miss the quirks, funny, cute or even insane moments. That's what i want to document... along with the crying and sad. I don't want to create clickbait titles or crazy thumbnails. My channel is going to be what it is. Our life. Like it or lump it but I do hope you enjoy it haha.

Here is the first vlog back, i have uploaded more since then so you have a few to catch up on!

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