My Coconut Milk Float

I came up with this very deconstructed version of a cream soda float, as I was making my coconut milk I suddenly thought how nice 'nice cream' would be with it ... and here we are. My life changing morning, lunch or dinner bowl was made. Okay not so life changing but it is scrummmm.
 Everything in this bowl is using my coconut milk I make with my almond cow machine. 
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It honestly saves you a bomb with the amount you pay out for nut-based milk and also gives you the base to a lot of insane recipes with the leftovers it creates! Zero waste, Zero plastic.
So here we go let's start with the coconut milk recipe :
    1 cup fresh coconut shreds or flakes
   a pinch of sea salt 
  3 pitted dates 
   1 tsp vanilla extract 
Soak the coconut shreds/flakes in hot water for 1-2 hours.
Rinse the coconut shreds or flakes in water briefly. 
Place the coconut shreds in the Almond Cow filter basket with the dates, this adds sweetness to your milk. 
Fill the base of the machine with water up to the fill line, add the vanilla extract, and attach the top of the Almond Cow. 
Press the blend button on the top of the machine, and allow to blend for about 45 seconds. 
Keep the coconut remains as you can make energy balls, biscuits, brownies, granola... whatever your heart desires with it! Or you could just totally eat it then and there. Yumm.Once I made my milk I added some to my chia seeds so that they could sit and drink up the goodness ready to serve at the end. I prefer these white chia seeds . 

There's so many different ways to use them, I'm sure you've seen all the recipes on Pinterest. When added to milk the best way i can describe them, is similar to rice pudding texture wise. You can sprinkle on muesli, fruit or even use in baking.
*Chia Seeds are high in Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Antioxidant-rich, they contain complete protein, more calcium than milk and are an excellent source of dietary fiber. 

Next up was to make up a batch of nice cream. It is so simple and so much healthier than icecream.
As soon as you see your bananas go brown, slice them up thinly and chuck them in your freezer, once frozen add a splash of milk, vanilla essence and honey to your blender along with your bananas. 
Viola, super creamy 'ice cream'. It will keep in your freezer for about 2 months. 

That's it! just spoon some of your nice cream, coconut milk and chia seeds in your bowl and for the finishing touch coconut caramel sauce - which is honestly pure heaven.
It's so satisfying to make a meal completely from scratch with something you've made, even my biscuits were made from the coconut meal left by the Almond Cow machine.

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