Toy Review Tuesday - My Shiny Shop Playon Crayons

Packing: 1
DIY Difficulty: 0
Love At First Site: 10
Play Time: 8
Home Styling: 8
Breakability: 2
Worth It?: 9

Something a little smaller today! India loves being creative and it makes me so happy seeing that little spark in her eyes when she's in her own world of imagination, it would be nice if that world didn't spill on to my beautiful wallpaper, however that's just me being a grumbly mum. 

So what is the review on? Playon crayons by Studio Skinky, you can get them in pastels and primary colourways 
( Pictured: we have both and are from My Shiny Shop ) 

Question is, is a crayon really worth a review? When is a crayon more than a crayon?! 
At £11 these are a little more on the pricier side from the cheap little packets you can pick up however they are strong and it would take some real effort to snap or break when they're pressed down, even Indias teeth failed, I know right. No one wants to get in between those jaws! There are no leads to break, or wear down, so no need for sharpeners - those things are like bobby pins?! Where the hell do they go?!

Playon Crayons really do make a great first crayon for little babes as they are a perfect size and shape for small chubby hands to easily grip and hold or even wear as a finger puppet if were getting creative.  
The way that they are shaped encourages a better ‘pencil grip’ getting those fine motor skills going. 
They have a beautiful pigment and go on the paper smoothly without leaving any residue or a slimy/oily feeling on the hands.
They are non-toxic and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Wahoo!

Did I mention they're stackable?! Endless play. The fact that you can actually turn them into a game or part of a sensory activity set up makes that extra money worth it. We currently have them sitting pretty in rainbow order on her shelves. Yup that's right! They made the shelves!

I love these and would highly recommend them to anyone. 

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