DIY Bunny Mask

 All you will need is:
This template
Ribbon / Sring or elastic
 Here is the basic template you will need to create the mask : Bunny Mask
Make sure to print it to the size that you need! 
 Step 1 -
Carefully cut out the mask, ears and eye holes.
Step 2 -
Glue the middle panels together and secure with a peg or in my case a heavy weight
 like a glass whilst it dries ( this came in handy as i could glue one ear on at the same time, while I waited for the side to dry)
 Step 3 -
Next, stick the two side panels together 
Step 4 -
Glue ears to the reverse of the mask, once dry fold upwards to make the ears stand up
 Step 5 -
Attach a length of ribbon to either side of your mask, glue it in to place

Please tag me if you recreate this mask as i'd love to see :) @dear.indiarose
 It also helps me know that you enjoy this kinda post! 

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