Animal Tape Rescue

Okay as you can see, it takes no time to set up!
All you need is a firm surface... think cardboard, wall, baking tray. Some toys the more varied the better and of course sticky tape. I used a mixture of left over washi tape and the usual one that doesn't stick to anything ... 

 I used half of a cardboard box so i could mix up the placement, I then spread out the toys and taped them down. 

You can vary the level of difficulty by using different sized objects - doesn't have to be animals but of course with our littles you need to draw them in somehow! The larger the object the easier it’s likely to be to remove from the board. Alternatively you can add flatter objects that are stuck closer to the board. These will be harder to remove. You can also add more tape to the toys so they are stuck a lot more than a toy with only one piece of tape over it. 
The object of this game is for your little to rescue them from the tape. Such a sneaky fun way to distract them and get them working on their fine motor skills! Fine motor skills are so important, children need them for writing, drawing, grasping objects making this a ideal activity to do with them with all the pinching, pulling, problem solving. 

It's a great way to see what toys they're drawn to first! India's obsessed with Sonny Angels at the moment! 
Think about this one for meals out or car / plane journeys! It wont take you 2 minutes and you can set it up the night before!