Toy Review Tuesday - Wobbel board

Today my review is on the Wobbel Board.

Packing: 1
DIY Difficulty: 0
Love At First Site: 9
Play Time: 8
Home Styling: 9
Breakability: Sturdy AFFFFF
Worth It?: 10 

We've had this board for a quite a few months now, Wobbel state that the boards are for 2 yrs upwards but honestly she was loving it before she was walking and i swear that it helped her walk earlier at 9 months. She would crawl across it and stand on it while holding our hands, honestly she found it hilarious. So if you were to get it earlier i feel you get more of your money out of it.It seems like such a simple toy that she'd grow out of but as soon as you see your little one grow with it you'll realise its so much more. It uses strength and balance but also teaches awareness. It's also a open ended toy so not only could you use it for yoga, strength practices but Waytoplay, Grimms, Ostheimer, Grapat. If you follow these brands you'll more than likely see a Wobbel board featured on their page... which brings me on to my next point.Theres defo a instagram mum craze where ... are you really a IG mum if you don't have a Wobbel board going on but lets face it, it's a good looking bit of curved wood. It's not a bright coloured bit of plastic and it doesn't take up the whole room. You can also get it in many different colours some of which are made from recycled pressed felt if you wanted to get fancy and match the walls.
Packaging and diy'ing is pretty simple as it comes how it is and packaging i can't quite remember but it was pretty minimal - not sure how it is now. However i know that they use recycled products so fingers crossed they're still playing ball.
Is it going to break on you? No and i would be pretty concerned with what you were doing with it if it did!! Its made from layers of beech wood which is pressed under pressure and formed in to a curve. Built to last!
Create a den, rock and read a book, be a bridge with a troll underneath, make a slide with it! Honestly it is endless fun and completely worth it.