Okay here we go! I've decided to start a new series called Toy review Tuesday, inventive name i know. Brain science over on this blog. Since India celebrates Christmas nearly every weekend i thought i might as well put the toys to good use.
Today my review is on the Oohnoo Double O table and chair set.

Packing: 2
DIY Difficulty: 1
Love At First Site: 8
Play Time: 8
Home Styling: 9
Breakability: Sturdy AF
Worth It?: 7

Let's start with packaging from 1 - amazon i would say it was about a 2. Nothing was heavily packaged in plastic and the boxes were just what was needed.

I can't take credit for putting this one together as Tom and India did, however he has given it a solid one. His not that skilled in the diy department so it must of been pretty easy especially when you have a little one crawling up and round your head. *There was no dad grunts or groans*

Was it love at first site? For me?! Oh god yes. It's uber cute. For India?! Oh god yes. It's uber cute. 
No but seriously she sat on it right away with a big grin on her face. 

It has been amazing for play time. Whatever they've coated it with we all need to go paint our houses inside and out. Everything and i mean EVERYTHING wipes off, its magic. Perf for messy eaters and painting!
We've been really getting in to invitation to play so it's been ideal for that, for those who don't know what it is an invitation to play is arranging a area so that it “invites” kids to come to what you've created to explore, investigate, question, examine, participate, touch, feel, and manipulate through as much independent play as the materials can possibly allow. So i set up scenes the previous night and she literally runs to it in the morning sits down and plays peacefully for a good 10 minutes. Anyone that has a toddler understands that that moment is pure gold.

I thought i'd add in home styling as i think it's important to get something you'll love and be able to put in your home and blend. If it was a bright colour i'd really struggle but due to the wooden legs it blends well with my other furniture and white is pretty universal.However i do debate painting it to a light stone / pink but due to its magical cleaning ability i just don't dare.
It's a good height and not invasive.
I like the subtle detail on the chair making it slightly more unique and stops it looking Ikea.

Okay breakability ? is that even a word? This i'm actually shocked about. It is so sturdy! It does not wobble. India pulls it, leans, lays ... tries to stand on both the table and chair. This is something that will last and can be passed down.

Is it worth It? I struggle with this one. Its cute, sturdy and has a magic paint coat however the price tag is £99 for the table and £85 for the chair. There are many cute options with a quick google for a two chair set at £55+ . I can't comment on the durability of those so i'm torn. The quality is there if you have the money to spend but from a price point... they could bring it down.