Pom Pom Drop DIY

This DIY toy is so easy, uses up your recyclables and for ages 1yr +. 
I went a bit extra 'cos unno... could i leave the toilet roll unpainted if i had a tub or two of paint laying around?! As for the for the washi tape..  it covers up my awful sellotape job.

You can make it easy for yourself and just use them unpainted with a bit of duct tape to insure you're not re-taping it 6 hours later once you're shoddy old sellotape died like mine or you could tape them to a larger box if you don't want to attach the card to the wall. Whatever works for you!

All you have to do... is tape them to the wall and make some poms or balls that are small enough to go down the tubes. Show your little babes how it's done and see how they take to it! 
Every child develops at different rates so if you're little one doesn't grasp the task don't worry try again a few weeks later or a month... you'll be surprised how quickly your child learns and develops!

If you have a 1 yr old you could just use one kitchen roll close enough to the ground so that they can sit and place it in themselves without straining, hours of fun and giggles trust me.

You could even add some colour learning with coloured poms and corresponding colour tubes with the idea of making them go down the right coloured lane. I really want to make a rainbow lane!

For older kids you could make it in to a little project by getting them to design it all their own way - paint them , adding stickers or even drawing on the tubes and then actually attaching a design ( you could get them to work it out on paper first ) on to the wall themselves to see if the balls / pom poms  fall properly.
Think marble run but arty crafty and cheaper.

Please give me gold stars for how long it would of taken me to carefully balance those poms in place ... all while India was trying to push them down . I GOT THE PHOTO THOUGH THATS ALL THAT COUNTS. I RULEEEEEEE.

I took my eye off the wall for two seconds and she was trying to get the big ball down the wall... which wasn't so fun with my bad cello-taping job.. so then we collected all the poms in to her pully, urgh i just dieeeee. Too cute.

I hope your little one loves this activity. I'm planning on making this a new thing on my blog as my mind is going wild with different activities :)