Chai Almond Milk Recipe

Soak those almonds of yours about a cup full overnight so they're all juicy and plump.

So first of all lets get the kettle on and stew some chai tea bags, you could totally make your own flavour and not cheat with a tea bag by stewing honey, cinnamon , ginger, vanilla, cardamom , cloves and cinnamon with a bit of water. Who has time for that though? You'll have to strain it etc etc etc i'm lazy so lets get back to the tea bag deal. 
You'll only want a little bit of water in with the chai tea just enough to get the flavour running through your milk.
While thatsaaaa brewing lets make the almond milk, now i have a Almond Cow machine and i know that not everyone has that luxury so i'm going to give you the recipe on how i made it before hand.
Usually people say to peel the skin off the almonds but honestly i don't notice the difference enough to feel the need to do so.. but if you would like? then do so. Stick them in the blender with some water ( the ratio i use is 1 cup almonds 3 cup water  ) and blitz until smooth...pour the liquid out in a secure muslin cloth over a bowl ( or you can get a straining bag )  and pour the almond mixture in to it. Then bunch up the cloth or bag and squeeze the milk out SO DAMN SATISFYING. You'll be left with pulp which you can make in to almond flour, just dry it out and store in to a jar until needed.
Last step combine your brewed chai tea and milk together, thats it.
The milk lasts up to 3 - 4 days in the fridge :)

It's so much easier than you think and cheaper than buying it already bottled. 
I love experimenting with vanilla and agave nectar.

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