DIY Bunny Mask

 All you will need is:
This template
Ribbon / Sring or elastic
 Here is the basic template you will need to create the mask : Bunny Mask
Make sure to print it to the size that you need! 
 Step 1 -
Carefully cut out the mask, ears and eye holes.
Step 2 -
Glue the middle panels together and secure with a peg or in my case a heavy weight
 like a glass whilst it dries ( this came in handy as i could glue one ear on at the same time, while I waited for the side to dry)
 Step 3 -
Next, stick the two side panels together 
Step 4 -
Glue ears to the reverse of the mask, once dry fold upwards to make the ears stand up
 Step 5 -
Attach a length of ribbon to either side of your mask, glue it in to place

Please tag me if you recreate this mask as i'd love to see :) @dear.indiarose
 It also helps me know that you enjoy this kinda post! 

My Banana Bread Recipe That I Stole From Pinterest.

I can't lie to you guys, I didn't make this recipe up.
However, I think banana bread is a pretty universal thing so there's no shame here.
I thought I'd share it as it's damn tasty.

1/3 cup melted butter
3-4 Ripe bananas, peeled. ( i usually use whatever I have left, the riper the better )1 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 cup sugar 
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour

 Preheat the oven to 175°C  and butter up a 4x8-inch loaf pan.
In a mixing bowl, mash the ripe bananas with a fork until completely smooth. Stir the melted butter into the mashed bananas. I like to keep one banana till the end so there are tasty lumps throughout the bread - but each to their own.
 Mix in the baking soda, sugar, beaten egg, and vanilla extract. Mix in the flour.
Pour the batter into your prepared loaf pan. Bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour at 175°C, or until a tester inserted into the centre comes out clean.
( I actually pour my batter into two separate cases just so Tom can take one to work and I have one all to myself )


Toy Review Tuesday - My Shiny Shop Playon Crayons

Packing: 1
DIY Difficulty: 0
Love At First Site: 10
Play Time: 8
Home Styling: 8
Breakability: 2
Worth It?: 9

Something a little smaller today! India loves being creative and it makes me so happy seeing that little spark in her eyes when she's in her own world of imagination, it would be nice if that world didn't spill on to my beautiful wallpaper, however that's just me being a grumbly mum. 

So what is the review on? Playon crayons by Studio Skinky, you can get them in pastels and primary colourways 
( Pictured: we have both and are from My Shiny Shop ) 

Question is, is a crayon really worth a review? When is a crayon more than a crayon?! 
At £11 these are a little more on the pricier side from the cheap little packets you can pick up however they are strong and it would take some real effort to snap or break when they're pressed down, even Indias teeth failed, I know right. No one wants to get in between those jaws! There are no leads to break, or wear down, so no need for sharpeners - those things are like bobby pins?! Where the hell do they go?!

Playon Crayons really do make a great first crayon for little babes as they are a perfect size and shape for small chubby hands to easily grip and hold or even wear as a finger puppet if were getting creative.  
The way that they are shaped encourages a better ‘pencil grip’ getting those fine motor skills going. 
They have a beautiful pigment and go on the paper smoothly without leaving any residue or a slimy/oily feeling on the hands.
They are non-toxic and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Wahoo!

Did I mention they're stackable?! Endless play. The fact that you can actually turn them into a game or part of a sensory activity set up makes that extra money worth it. We currently have them sitting pretty in rainbow order on her shelves. Yup that's right! They made the shelves!

I love these and would highly recommend them to anyone. 

Fun Breakfast For The Easter Holiday!

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Reusable Nappies

So here's the thing, I want to write a crazy good blog post on how you should switch to reusable nappies because they are the bomb and maybe you're a little like me making some ridiculous narrative like you're gonna be covered in poop all the time and your washing triples. Guess what... I'm shit at writing blog posts however I can pop that disgusting bubble you're imagining because it isn't half as bad as you think!
When it comes to babes it's easier to stick with what you know. Everyone has a million opinions, there are also so many options ... why would you go with the rogue one? The one that's saving the planet? Duh just that, let me through this figure at you - 8 million nappies are sent to landfill every day in the UK alone, which are estimated to take 500 years to decompose PER NAPPY.

I want to start this off by saying i'm not perfect and i don't 100% use them all the time. That's okay, we have to remember that you have to be real with your situations and do the best you can do. Making small changes are better than making none!

I think the main thing you think of is having to deal with poop, which yes isn't very glam but you've probably done at least one rodeo with an explosive poop nappy which can only desensitise you to everything else in life, right?! I don't think anything can phase you after that. 

We actually use liners inside the reusables, due to her pooing solids now its nice and easy just to plop that in the toilet. I have read reviews about parents having poo knives or spatulas which i find hilarious but honestly scrape or shake that poo down the toilet and give it a rinse off. It's really not a big deal. 

Fun fact - technically, you’re supposed to put the poo down the toilet with disposable nappies too, so that faecal matter doesn’t go into landfill, and spread diseases. I found that out over on mamalina's blog so if you're interested in this post you should defo go over and check her out! She's much better at all this than me.

So now we've moved on from poo, what next? *I've only used Bambino Mio ones so my experience has only been with them. Which by the way are absolutely awesome. I make sure the inside lining is pulled out and the velcro tabs are folded together, I then simply put them in a lined laundry bag then when I'm ready just shake them out into the washing machine, It's really no hassle. I don't tumble dry them as this would ruin the velcro tabs, just simply lay them out on a rack overnight ready to be used the next day. 

India loves them. The painstaking task of putting of her in a nappy stops! She picks out whatever print she fancies and will stand there, like the queen that she is waiting for me to put in on! So they must be comfy for her versus the 'normal' pull-ups.

What happens if you're out? Just get a watertight small bag! Pop the nappy in that until you get home. 

Theres no soacking poo stained clothes in the sink as they're much better at keeping that poop in or even those midnight runs to the shop because you've run out of nappies. 
Just buy 3 and use them every couple of days, you will be shocked. The worst thing that happens is that you'll hate them ( totally won't happen ) and you can resell them! Plenty people buy second-hand ones online as they actually get more absorbent the more they're washed!

I would highly suggest the Bambino Mio ones. 
''The award-winning miosolo is a simple, stylish and super soft all-in-one reusable nappy which is as easy to use as a disposable! The nappy is onesize* meaning it will grow with your baby from birth to potty training.''

Hope this has helped a little and if you have any questions feel free to ask me :) 

Oslen Edit

If there's anyone's wardrobe I'd wanna raid it would be the Olsen twins. My god.
I've become slightly obsessed over on Pinterest with them, have they ever got an outfit wrong? Usually, you look back at photos and think OH GOD what were they thinking?! 
They have such a strong sense of style a perfect beautiful blend between bohemian and
Parisian. Free flowing and rarely figure-hugging. Theres too much hype on having to show your figure off ... why? for whom? 

Their look at the moment is very dark but the layers and length are still there. I prefer the archive fashion especially Mary Kate in this kimono est 2006

The layers of embelishment mixed with jewels and belt have me all kinds of dribbling.

So heres my curated edit from the shops, click the images to shop!

And of course a little more inspo...

Toy Review Tuesday - Way To Play

Today my review is on the Way To Play tracks.

Waytoplay stands for 100% unplugged, imaginative fun. The easy to connect & mix track lets kids create any road they like. Use it anywhere from beaches to carpets.

Packing: 1
DIY Difficulty: 0
Love At First Site: 9
Play Time: 6
Home Styling: 8
Breakability: Flexible
Worth It?: 8

I am so conflicted with these because I am obsessed! I couldn't love them anymore, I think they're perfect if you want to move away from the wooden train tracks and although there's something similar like tape tracks there is nothing in the same league as these. 

As they are made from rubber this means they can be placed anywhere from carpets to sandy or rocky beaches...well actually pretty much everywhere think sides of baths or inclines. It's an open-ended toy that can be added to, with birthdays and Christmases, amazing for an invitation to play set up, HOWEVER... I do think they're overpriced. You could argue the cost per wear in which case that would soon diminish as it is a toy that kids don't grow out of... I mean heck I'm enjoying playing with them, both sides are printed so there are endless possibilities. I just really do struggle with the amount you get! Especially when in your mind you have this massive track that goes from your front door, around the table, and into the garden. That's a student loan. I  joke. 

You can't put a price on something that will boost their imagination. At least that's what I tell myself everytime I pull my card out for India.

One thing to note is that India can't click them together at 17 months, she can play and goes 'brummm' with her cars but does get frustrated if they pull apart. That's why my playtime number was knocked down a few.

packaging is worth a mention as its very minimal and the box it comes in is great for storage as its tightly packed in so you wont get offended with oversized boxes or have to find something to keep them in.

Even though I'm conflicted if you have a kid/kids that love cars, lorries, trains, planes... okay anything with wheels this is a must-have.
If you can't afford it try the tapes I found below. A fun alternative however is a lot less permanent.

Animal Tape Rescue

Okay as you can see, it takes no time to set up!
All you need is a firm surface... think cardboard, wall, baking tray. Some toys the more varied the better and of course sticky tape. I used a mixture of left over washi tape and the usual one that doesn't stick to anything ... 

 I used half of a cardboard box so i could mix up the placement, I then spread out the toys and taped them down. 

You can vary the level of difficulty by using different sized objects - doesn't have to be animals but of course with our littles you need to draw them in somehow! The larger the object the easier it’s likely to be to remove from the board. Alternatively you can add flatter objects that are stuck closer to the board. These will be harder to remove. You can also add more tape to the toys so they are stuck a lot more than a toy with only one piece of tape over it. 
The object of this game is for your little to rescue them from the tape. Such a sneaky fun way to distract them and get them working on their fine motor skills! Fine motor skills are so important, children need them for writing, drawing, grasping objects making this a ideal activity to do with them with all the pinching, pulling, problem solving. 

It's a great way to see what toys they're drawn to first! India's obsessed with Sonny Angels at the moment! 
Think about this one for meals out or car / plane journeys! It wont take you 2 minutes and you can set it up the night before!