My birthday Docs

Dr Martens

Honestly i've got to say i thought i'd never own a pair. I have this ridiculous thing that because i have tattoos, well alot of tattoos i don't want to be put in that stereotypical punk, goth, emo box. Not that theres anything wrong with that style... it's just not mine. It's very easy for me to slip in to it because of them.

I started to see them being worn with skirts and dresses... even by my mum. The final straw was when i saw the 1460 pascal floral embossed boot in free people. The drool was everywhere. I didn't take the plunge due to my fear of growing a mohawk and the price tag... thoughts like 'What if i never wear them?' 'Are they too chunky?' 'I'm classed as a small person, just put them down'  plagued my mind. 

A few weeks later i told my husband about them, i just couldn't get them out of my head. A week later they arrived in my arms for my birthday. So he does listen... sometimes.

It's safe to say i don't look like a skinhead and in-fact the price tag is worth it, minus the 2 hard weeks of breaking them in but i think the blood, sweat and tears of that make your bond with these shoes stronger!