My Little Gypsy

How to create a bohemian space with a babe. 
We've all been there... '' lets go have a chilled beach day or a picnic in the woods '' An hour in you're loosing your mind trying to play a million games to keep your babe occupied.

 India loves watching and helping her dad, so giving him something to build and keep him occupied also takes her off my hands for a few minutes peace.
The hammock is perfect for that! We tend to alternate with it to have some time to ourselves but also doubles up as a swing for India! It did take us some humming and arring to take the plunge and buy it as we don't have a outdoor space at home. However it's one of those pieces that lasts forever until your grandchildren moan that its mouldy when they drag it out of the shed, right?
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Okay ... a waggon. If there'sone thing i highly recommend it is this! As you all know we live in a flat so sometimes buying this kind of item becomes a mistake as you start to live like hoarders swimming through toys. This worked out great as i spray painted the body from red to white so it would match her room. When its not being used it's her toy box! Wahoo multi functional. Apart from that i love this due to the fact it carts everything without either of us moaning how heavy the bags are. The wheels take tree roots like a boss! Oh i nearly forgot the actual reason for buying a kids waggon.... India loves it. She's a speed daemon. I think she'd spend all day in it if she could. We literally have to prise her away from it, tears and all.
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Teepees. Our one is super old and i kind of want to jazz it up with some lace and pom poms soon ( when i have time ) ( ha! 18 years time then ) .  They're great for sheltering from the sun and wind but also capturing your kids imagination while looking uber cute!
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Lastly mats, cushions and blankets. Not a necessity but i really miss them when we don't have them. It gives us somewhere to eat, nap and is just ... well comfier than dirt? If you have the waggon you might as well fill it up! These are things you have at home in your living room, you might as well use them. If you worry about ruining your home pieces invest in a Gathre mat! They're so cute and child friendly! We always have one folded in our nappy bag or car just in case!
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The cute stripe blankets are actually beach towels from Rinkit !

This super cute dress is by