How I Put Together Indias 1st Birthday Party

Dear India Rose,
First of all i have to apologise for taking a million photos of you this weekend. Secondly i have to thank our amazing friends for really pulling everything together for us.

You wont remember this or the heartache i went through however i had planned your birthday to be outside. Maybe i was tempting fate or maybe it was something to do with the two black cats Tom saw the day before, who knows. All we know is that it did not stop raining. Not drizzle ... rain. The type that seeps through your shoes in to your socks and then your toes drop off rain. 

ANYWAY A few of us rented out some silver airstreams over the Isle  of wight. I thought it would be the perfect backdrop for a sunny outside party, where we could all sit out on the grass and live the bohemian pinterest dream.

For anyone that would like to visit!

Now this is why i have to thank our friends as we managed to get these photos very strategically. It may look dry but trust me, seconds before these were took the umbrellas that the boys stole from all the empty campers were removed from covering all the food and of course the bubble machine held up!

Okay now you're all hungry lets talk about food!

I went in to it thinking that i didn't want to spend the week before prepping... i also didn't want to spent £15 for 10 premade sandwiches. So my idea was to get some yummy homebaked goods and then buy the rest over on the island. Thankgod as we had no room left in the car anyway!

I never ever thought about taking to Etsy to purchase this type of thing but i kid you not they are the most amazing tray bakes we have ever had! Everyone was raving! 

My favourite was the White Chocolate and Caramel Caramac Fudge Tray.
As soon as we got home i re-orded it! They are so perfect for people to just dig in to or you can slice them up and totally take the credit! Either way they are absolutley addictive and moist!!! I was shocked at how well they tasted considering i had them sent to me a few days prior!
She also does amazing cakes over on her instagram @bmc_cakery 

Lets talk marshmallows. Don't ever and i mean EVER think about grabbing those horrible plain ones in the large packet because they cost a quid! Not when you can get something like these. They are next level gooey goodness. We got the kids to hunt for twigs before we could roast them on our little fire. As if our inner kids weren't excited enough the Little's loved trying all the flavours and the mighty mint choc was surprising their favourite? go figure huh? 

No pictures could ever do these justice. However i always think that about brown chocolately goodstuff! These had little sprinkles of glitter and chunky bits of chocolate. Everything you need. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU LEARN TO BAKE THIS GOOD?! Even my box packets don't taste like it. Also this screamed out to me, so for any other boob leeching mums out there 
'' Breastfeeding mamas do an amazing job by making liquid gold for their babies. These brownies are made especially for Mums using the best ingredients including Brewers Yeast and flaxseed, renowned for quickly increasing milk supply. They're also incredibly moreish and chocolatey, perfect at any time of day (including 3am marathon feeds!) ''
Any excuse right? ;)

Choc On Choc
We had some faux chocolate strawberries and cheese and crackers from this store, i blended them in with their corresponding areas and the kids loved it. They couldn't believe that they were fake... or that they were allowed to eat so much chocolate haha.

These are the biscuits you see! They were custom designed and i had no clue what they were going to look like! I fell completely head over heels for them as soon as i unwrapped the first layer! They do all sorts of biscuits . I've bought a few 'punny' ones for Tom in the past! Very Instagramble! 

Definetly check these guys out before you spend a dime in a highstreet store and support smaller buisnesses!

Lets talk games! 

Now we had a few kiddies around the age of 6 and 3 little babes that were under 2 ... oh and the rest of us. The ultimate big kids. The ones the games were for. 
Unfortunately because of the weather we didn't get to play a whole lot but for the interest of anyone planning a party or a games day we had rounders, limbo, paper lanterns, card games, sack race, smash cake, a pinata, circle sheet thing ( i have no idea what its called but you flap it about and hide underneath? best description ever. ) and then we had the wooden toys which kept us big kids happy more than the Little's. Are we the only ones that try to speed stack before the babes knock them down?
Last on my list was eating... as that's a sport right?

Mielasiela ( wooden toys )

I cannot rate these guys enough, honestly i go on about them a little too much but they're completely original handmade designs and such high quality. They're cute enough just to have as little ornaments too! I don't know about you but in the evenings i tend to pack *hide* away the plastic but the wooden toys are allowed to stay out. opp. Definitely check them out even if you are looking for a gift!

The pinata we had was a gorgeous gold star and the kids were so excited for it all weekend. We held off because of the weather and it finally got mascaraed on the last night! I cant wait to put the clips together to show you! It was so much fun. 

As you know in my previous blog i talked about updating my teepee! As you can see i did! Boy oh boy have they changed! They are incredible now! 
I'm so in love that I've had to set it up in our lounge - India thinks it's the perfect peekaboo hiding space. I love mini camp just for the fact it is exactly how i would design them! Lace, florals and pom poms! There's even ones for your cat /dog! right?! Not only is it pretty... it's pretty sturdy! It comes with poles for the bottom to make it extra secure. Which is perfect when the kids are trying to dangle off the top. * crying face emoji *

Throws , cushions and all the extras!
My idea was to have a cushion seat for everyone and to be able to all sit around the floor table. However because of the rain i didn't want to put them all out to be ruined, i only had about two that were covered by the umbrellas and swiftly brought those back in! 

However you should definitely check out these shops below as they are where my cushions, throws and pouffes were from.

If you see pouffes on pinterest, this is where they are from! They are gorgeous! Ours has been reclaimed from a old rug and its the most beautiful thing! We also got a pink throw with pommes on ( with a matching cushion ) The quality is just incredible. These pieces have integrated in to our lounge with no issue and have just transformed it. LOVE.

Absolutely stunning wedding blankets and cushions! I have wanted one for years and it's everything i wanted and more! You've already seen it on my feed and will not be the last! Don't be afraid to invest!

Most pieces i already had at home so just brought them along, ie the cushion you can see in the pictures and little things like the cheese knives. Anthropologie is the best place to shop these pieces as they will last you a lifetime.

Bloomette Sauvage

UGHHHH. So cute! This is dream catcher you see dangling from the door! I could look at it all day, the details are gorg! She makes the dreamiest, girly room decor bits you'll ever see! I've never seen anywhere create what she has! Stunning.

We had a wooden sign in gold saying 'India Rose' However i didn't want to get it wet as i want to put it up in her room so you can't see it here! You'll see it on the next blog post!

Straws , cake topper, custom 'one' confetti was from - BHW Designs Defo will be getting more items from this shop especially with halloween coming around!

Lastly were
These were paper decorations that i had planned to put up in the marquee , which would of sheltered us from the rain but because of the weather for safety reasons we weren't allowed to put it up! Devastating. We got the big balloon from there too! 

Shop all of the party by clicking the images :) 

I'm going to posting another blog with the rest of the pictures from the weekend so keep a eye out for that one!