Taking a dress through every season

Okay so you buy a dress... it's printed... it has details ... it's super summer / spring.  You then get the fear you need to return it as you'll only wear it for that one hot day in the uk.
DON'T. You bought it for a reason, it made you happy.  
You just have to learn how to layer it! Theres no major rule to layering... i think we all just scared as people say you shouldn't wear print on print, this isn't the case.
The more texture and print to a outfit the more interesting YOU and it becomes. 
To start off easy if you have a print - pick out a colour and layer a top underneath or even over the top.

 Jumpers ugh i love the look of them with dresses as they turn them instantly in to skirts!
The chunkier the better however i get that people worry about that stupid word looking 'fat'.
First of all no ones cares and if they do - they shouldn't be in your life.  Secondly theres a quick trick with a bit of elastic or hairband, grab the corner of the jumper and tie it around the bit of fabric. Then just tuck under. 
Giving you a bit of shape and zinched in more at the waist.

Kimonos are a great way to layer its not quite a jumper or cardi weather. Just pop it on and go.
They give a bohemian feel and try them with a belt... you may be surprised.