Home Obsessed With Swoon

I've been in this flat through being single, married and now of course with little India Rose. I think it's easy to say i'm home obsessed and it's definitely gone through the ringer with different styles. A ever changing canvas, as you all know from the weekly change around of this living room over on my instagram feed.
We were in need of a new piece that could hide away a few of India's bits that has no real place, like nappies, creams, wipes and diaper bags OH and our camera collection that needed to be taken off the window cill as her grabby little paws were dragging them off.
Our living room is our sanctuary. It has to be full of creativity as it's where we play and brainstorm.

Obviously like everyone else on this entire planet i swoooon after Swoon pieces. Searching in their new arrivals with my list of contradictory requirements.... statement yet subtle, Cosy yet playful, Kid friendly but still adult, Feminine but also masculine. After 5 minutes the entire site was in my basket. Okay i'm lying but if i had the money it would be the truth. COUGH COUGH Swoon call me i need a new sofa ;) . I saw this Ziggy cabinet and it had to be ours. In brass. It's perfect don't you think? So lets have a look inside...

Pretty roomy huh? Ideally i'd like to get some boxes to fit or some more wire baskets that use the space better, however its great to not have bags dangling off the door. This is definitely a forever sturdy piece! The doors click in so India can't pull them free and destroy everything inside which is a added bonus!