Fallen For Anthro

This Farm Rio dress is on sales guys! So quick snap it up! Wrap dresses are so super flattering no matter what shape or awkward size - like me.
I'm very smitten with it. I know i always say this so i'm sorry for boring you all but it's great for layering! I guess thats a key thing for my wardrobe, everything has to flow through all the seasons! 

I currently have India climbing over my head trying to get to my laptop keys. I don't know whether she's sucking the life out of me or she just has insane wrestling strength... either one, she's defo winning. WWE call me.
I can't get over she's already one in under a month. HOWWWWW. I've found myself getting very emotional over it, i just cant help thinking that i'm loosing my baby. Each wonder week has me in awe and i love seeing her grow / turn in to her own being but each leap she's a different person and she will never be that way again. Morbid i know. I just hate time. I'm acting like she's turning 18 and flying the coop! Someone shake the hormones outta me! 

On another note, i'm not leaving this blog however i am making a new one... mmm more of a community! So i would love you to join as i want us all to connect and be REAL.  
You can become a member by clicking here - 
It's totally free and will give you a chance to put yourself and blog out there! 
There will be a post on how you can blog / what our first topic will be this week! :) 

Hope you guys had a lovely bank holiday!