Finally it's here! Where i can wear dresses with super chunky knits and boots! I don't want this summer to end but i'm definitely enjoying snuggling in this! 

The jumpers by https://theparadisecollector.bigcartel.com/products and is hand knitted which we can all appreciate.... i mean JUST LOOK AT IT. I've found some alternatives below but honestly nothing compares. I'm defo getting my needles out for this winter as i've spotted some super cute patterns over Wool and the gang.  Anyway i'll leave this short and sweet. Cyaaaa. 

Latitude Festival

SO Latitude dudeeeee, should you take your kids? Cos' festivals are full of drugs, loud music and just not kid friendly right? Honestly this is what i thought! Tom was lucky enough to snag some tickets for a campaign he had, we actually had weekend camping tickets but Latitude luckily is 20 minutes away from my mums so to kill two birds with one stone we thought we'd grab the shots and get some family time in. Also not knowing what it would be like the thought of camping out for the weekend in a drugged filled teen sex den just didn't appeal to me... however thinking about it, India would of been great contraception.

Right now you understand how my mind works with festivals, yes yes you may scoff all you want. 

I was shocked. Now i know theres a difference between Creamfields and Latitude but even just walking in the vibe was amazing! I was expecting tweens with glitter smeared all over their faces , well yeah duh there was that but not to the extent i expected. Instead there was waggons of kids being pulled along by their parents and older couples. It was the perfect mix.

So the first day we let my mum take India out for the day so we could crack on with the 'work' and have some much needed us time with each other, of course i couldn't relax. I definitely struggled with the detachment of her after seeing all the children running around. cooing and arring ' UGHHH , she'd love that ' So the next day she was back in the sling, 9 months at her first festival.

What is there to do? Urmmm everything?! to be honest theres probably more to do for the kids / big kids like Tom. Of course theres the music and comedy tents which is probably more of a miss if you to have the babes but lets just start with the entrance... PINK SHEEP.

Visually as you can see it is incredible for kids. There is so much going on and uber colourful. Sensory overload.The kids area is an entire festival in itself - kinda like a amazing fate on steroids. They designed it with kids in mind and curated it all with love and imagination, when you can see a dad in a tutu and fairy wings reading stories then life is great. They keep the kids occupied with pond dipping, star gazing, kids disco to even pizza making. Not to mention the tents filled with toys,fabrics and paint. I actually turned round to Tom and said how gutted i was that i never went as a child as it's truly magical but at the same time grateful to experience it now with India for years to come!Here's the link but if I'm honest i don't feel the site does it any justice!

The only thing i would say is obviously it is busy, so if your child gets overwhelmed by that then it is a no go. It also is loud in certain areas so some ear muffs wouldn't go a miss. OH and be prepared to spend some money on food because it all looks and smells...TASTES devine. Theres far too many options (is that a thing when it comes to food?)

Side note:
I would just like to say that India started walking on her own this weekend at 9 months :) How freaking cool is she? How many kids can say they started walking at a festival. 
Okay i'm off to be sick as shes growing up way to fast!

Fawn Designs Review

I don’t often do reviews but I thought I should get my butt in gear after trailing out the new and improved Fawn Design bag! 
I already love the first one mainly because for a ‘diaper’ bag it’s SO unisex. We struggled so hard to find one in the shops that wasn’t just for females. Unno the ones... pink... unicorns... butterflies... flowers... tampon holders. In fact there was none, to the point we googled it to see if there was a open market for us there haha! Anyway I found fawn designs after i stubbled upon they’re super cute ig feed and thought f*** it! I need one. Now Tom wears it more than me. It's brilliant and doubles up as our camera bag / travel bag / everything bag. Actually as i'm writing this i'm half packing them both to go back home to visit the family. Could i get any more on brand????!!!

 We love this bag because it fits everything including the kitchen sink in. Having a large amount of cameras that are bloody huge on top of Indias things quite frankly is a nightmare but with this bucket we can just chuck all in without it somehow looking huge or like you're carrying a flight bag.
Second of all how hard wearing it is. Our black one we had before she was born and it still looks brand new. Thirdly clever pockets! For lenses, keys, toys, creams ... it just really is a well thought out bag. They're the main reasons ... so whats the update on this thing?! 

- larger bottle pockets and can hold up to 24oz water bottle. 
- grab handle to easily grab and go
- detachable backpack straps
- large back pocket that can hold a laptop or iPad.
- the backpack straps can be tucked into the large back pocket to make it a messenger style bag
- new back zipper pocket great for holding phones and other items you want to keep secure

OHH and did i mention its not just a backpack? it has interchangeable straps. You can also buy buggy clips for it. Honestly i love this brand so much, they've thought of the stuff you need  and complain you don't have... yet made it cute?!!!!!

You can buy it by clicking here http://bit.ly/2L1Wtxp ( or if you want to just check it out / other styles ) happy shopping! Love ya guys!!!