My presets!

I'm finally launching my presets!
Now this all happened organically i never set out to make them to sell. I actually bought my first pack of presets a few years ago for a whopping £120 gosh that makes me feel ill! I soon became more advanced in the programme and begun to play with new / different variations, eventually i started coming up with my own. Of course lets not deny it we are all obsessed with our instagram feeds and making them look pretty ( some more than others * points at me * ) it's our modern photo album but with this obsession came the need for cohesion. The only way to do that was to have a easy copy paste system of the same preset ( filter, for you guys that are like WHAT THE F DOES PRESET MEAN WOMAN ?! ). I used to play with four so i could change around the pictures a bit easier but recently i like sticking to one , Golden Sun. I love to have a vintage feel to my photos so i definitely have brought that in with grainy pastel tones. Would you like me to add a b/w option?

 I've come out with three:

Image 1. Clarity - This is a go to if you want your pictures to pop. It adds a beautiful clarity to every photo with a bright pastel tone.Play with the brightness to create super bright images . 
Image 2. Golden sun - which is the one i use for ALL of my photos at the moment. I love the creamy tones it adds to the photos which also gives it a cool modern vintage vibe? right? 
Image 3. Red Filter - It adds a vintage grain feel to every photo with a red pastel tone. Turn down the contrast and brightness to be super tan!

You can shop them here:

I really hope you love them and don't forget to play around!
I use the app planolgy to plan out my feed :)