Stripping Back

Okay so a little while ago i reached out to you guys about makeup. Now to some people it is such a small part of their life IF any but to others like me and probably to you reading this it is a massive section If not life changing. That sounds dramatic but its true.Its a mask. One that we all love to hide behind. Why? Insecurities for sure.
I do feel now in this modern day - god i sound old. with all the Sephoras and beauty youtube bloggers of the world giving you non stop access to the universe of makeup and with their help you are able to do it like a makeup artist. Things we would of never of known about, like common who would put the whitest concealer under their eyes and dark stripes down their nose and think that was going to work out? but now its known as contour. In a way i guess we should be thankful 'cos god forbid i should have the same makeup i wore at school. I don't want this post to come across like i'm slating make up because i'm not, it's just for me a unhealthy addiction that has probably caused more insecurities than anything. For the simple fact i would have to set my alarm a hour earlier than i had to leave to manage to get ready or leave at all! I feel ugly without it even if i did my foundation. I have no confidence what so ever, wipe my face off and i would walk with my face facing down for the duration that i was out for.
I started my love affair with makeup at school. MAN OHHH MAN did i pack that foundation on. White lips? remember them? Back then i was always wanting to look 'plastic' i definitely was chasing after a face i didn't actually have. I always wanted to be prettier, taller, funnier. I will always lack the last two but for me with makeup i felt that i was 'prettier'. I remember one time i forgot my eyelash glue and the thought of not having eyelashes on made me feel so desperate i stuck them on with super glue. I was willing to go blind?! I probably wasn't thinking that at the time but looking back i do find it quite shocking. Man those eyelashes must of been crusty and gross looking. Fast forward a few years and boo poor me i had a horrible boyfriend ( not out for sympathy here ) but the statement of ' you're ugly without makeup ' will stick in anyones mind. People say stick and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you - get real, words break peoples minds and you can't fix that with a cast. So there was that. Then i think Instagram had just started growing and the snowball effect of wanting to look better and better for likes happened and here we are.
So obviously from the short backstory of me and makeup there is other reasons why i wear so much. 1.I have discolouration with freckles and redness so to cover that and match my bold eyes i would have to create a blank canvas of full coverage foundation.
2. My eyebrows also have been tattooed ... now usually this is a great thing with micro blading. No not mine. I was born in the age of shaving your eyebrows off and drawing them on fully and eyebrow tattoos were block colour. Now that i have grown my little brow hairs out there are very obvious lines that are not centred to my actual brows and a line that comes out of nowhere.It kind of looks like Indias drawn a line on me with a biro pen. They're just not a great colour a somewhat grey blue. So again to cover that i would need a blank canvas of full coverage foundation.
3. If i overline my lips i might as well overline my face.

So at this point i do want to say i have never really suffered with bad acne. I have had teenage spots as most kids do and i do get the odd one or two crop up if my hormones are going crazy ie period, being pregnant. So i am very lucky with that and i completely sympathise with anyone that has to deal with acne on a day to day basis as it must be horrible.

My aim is to get my skin as perfect as i can and to not feel the need to wear makeup ( and the confidence to ) and to not need botox or more dramatic surgeries to my face in the long run.
When i wear makeup now i can see my age and because i wear so much i can see it cracking basically ageing me. I've tried to wear less but as a whole it doesn't look right. I feel with my face its a all or nothing deal.

I'm going to share my journey of stripping back in hope that in someways it helps as much as the response i got back from you guys helped me.

I'm not going cold turkey i'm going to wear the base layer minus eyes and then slowly fade out until i can feel comfortable enough to take it all off.

I'll keep you posted!