My Top Baby Products

Okay although i could put a million items on to this list as our flat is totally overrun by baby toys and gadgets, i found it pretty easy to pick the top 5 ( okay 7 shhhh ) .  If i was on a desert island they would make it on there. Scratch that i would need a new list. If i was on holiday they would come with us.
These go in no order. They're all brilliant in their own way.

Number one.
I cried one day because we had run out of it and another time after that when Tom irresponsibly drank the last sachet. This is a must have. Your petrol to your car. Your meat to your spaghetti. The penis in to your vagina... but lets not talk about that as thats whats got us all in to this mess in the first place.

Number two.
These come in all different sizes but i highly suggest the changing mats. Once you get in to the swing of things you'll want to change them where ever you are. Forget the super cute changing table you bought while you were pregnant thinking you were going to be super mum. These are great because they're wipeable and fit in your bag for those quick turnarounds that you will be making in the boot of the car.

Number three.
We found this after she had her vaccines and the nurses frantically shaked it to stop her from crying. Best advice i could ever give you ... take it with you everywhere you go in the car. Car journeys and crying are not fun. This however stops the crying... you just have to decide what you like more... crying or the rattling you will be doing for the remainder of the journey.

Number four
If your baby takes to one it truly is a lifesaver! She didn't take to hers right away but when she did... sleeping was a dream. India has already weened herself off it and will reject it from us now which has worked out great as she's sleeping through. I highly recommend Hevea don't go with a plastic one!

Number five
This one is from Mamas and Papas. Its small and light enough for her to play with and hold. Not only is it great for her to chew on but she loves the shapes too. She hasn't taken to any other teether so definitely keep a look out for that one... she's called Sophie.

Number six
This is more of a full brand thing. Please check them out as their ethos is amazing.The nappies are the cutest ones i've ever seen and totally biodegradable! I love all of their products however the hair and body wash ( that i have now run out of * cries *) is my absolute favourite.

Number seven
Kit and kin do have a lovely body oil however i actually prefer Burts bees so thats why i  thought i would add it in. I love putting it on her after her bath and soothes any break outs she has!