The V Day

Theres so much that goes wrong in this ever growing negative world. So when the opportunity for fun arrives why don't we take it?! Yes Valentines is a money making scheme made by someone very intelligent but isn't christmas? I'm pretty sure ( i've just googled ) 87% of people celebrate that ''just because'' and not for the religious purpose its meant for. So when it comes to Valentines lets have fun for the sake of being happy and a excuse to have a good time! Lets not dwell on the fact its meant for 'couples' have a galentines/guyatines on your - own - a - tines .

Okay lets talk polaroid cameras. My number one present i would suggest to give anyone. Social media has got... well lets face it SO SERIOUS. Theres so much pressure to produce the perfect image ......... or edit it 'till it is. As i've talked about before there is nothing better than to hold pictures in real life and not virtual. To be able to laugh over a really bad one or to treasure a great one. If you are gifting this year - this is what i suggest.

My Valentines picks from the shops this month





Its our no.3 year of marriage this vday. Blessing and a curse... well always remember it / everyone else is celebrating so were less likely to get free desert.

Whatever you're doing this year. Just enjoy it. Enjoy life.