Okay so i've had a few question on how to make IG highlight covers so i thought it would be best to make a easy 'How To' post :) 
If you don't know what i'm talking about... here is mine.

So yes you could just screen shot mine and insert them in to your stories but this is so easy and you can custom the colours and icons to your own feeds!

Go to . Click on create a design and then on to Tumblr graphic. 
You don't want it to look too 'busy' but don't feel like you can't get creative! Click on backgrounds and select a colour or you can even upload a image but again you want people to easily see what it is. I went with what would compliment my feed!
On the left hand side click on elements this is where youll find your icons or shapes. 
If you want to add text then click add heading and slide it on to your canvas.
Try to keep the icons a similar size when adjusting them and keep them in the center.
To save just click download but make sure it is as a .JPG file! 
I kept the same template for each highlight cover and just changed the image after saving it to save some time and make sure it was cohesive.

Tag me in your stories and share this tutorial with your friends so we can all have awesome IG story feeds.

Here are mine if you are feeling lazy but please tag me if you use them :) 

Here is a template if you want to get creative on your ipad with procreate or print out and do it the ' old-fashioned way' 

Have fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with!