Why I Think You Shouldn't Wear Clothes For Your Bodytype.

Because it's stupid.
Thats the answer to the title of this blog.
The end, good read as usual.

Okay so you know my strong point isn't writing. To be honest i don't really understand why i have a blog. I'm rubbish at it. I feel like i would be amazing if i had a podcast... thats if i could stop stuttering my words every second sentence - total tired mum brain. So realistically i shouldn't start a podcast until Indias ...well... 28 and hopefully has moved out. So yeah just bare with me for a few years with this.
Back to the subject.
It really annoys me that still in this ' modern era ' we still are being confined by stereotypes, shapes and sizes. Can we all get over it already?! The thing is i'm finding that it's becoming worse and i was totally guilty of it. I've had a shoody few weeks with getting my brain to realise that I AM OKAY just the way i am and thats what i want anyone thats reading this to feel as well. It's such a easy trap to fall in to seeing all these perfect Victoria secret models do star jumps off mount Everest with just a cute pom pom hat and sweaty betty outfit or the mum next door that has spawned triplets yet is still a size zero and house is spotless. Then you find yourself googling at 2am what fits a 4ft nothing dwarf with short limbs, stupidly long mermaid hair and scribbles for tattoos. We've all been there right?! Okay okay with different words though? right?My point is if i ever get there. We should wear what makes us happy. If we are spending money on clothes why are we wearing what we feel should fit a pear shape instead of that disgustingly fun neon pink chunky jumper?
You were born you and unless you have kardashian / Jenner money nothings changing that. So enjoy you.  Put to bed those words you say to yourself when you look in the mirror. Let's not care what Caron from accounts is going to type about you.
You only have one life don't waste a minute on anyone else.

My birthday Docs

Dr Martens

Honestly i've got to say i thought i'd never own a pair. I have this ridiculous thing that because i have tattoos, well alot of tattoos i don't want to be put in that stereotypical punk, goth, emo box. Not that theres anything wrong with that style... it's just not mine. It's very easy for me to slip in to it because of them.

I started to see them being worn with skirts and dresses... even by my mum. The final straw was when i saw the 1460 pascal floral embossed boot in free people. The drool was everywhere. I didn't take the plunge due to my fear of growing a mohawk and the price tag... thoughts like 'What if i never wear them?' 'Are they too chunky?' 'I'm classed as a small person, just put them down'  plagued my mind. 

A few weeks later i told my husband about them, i just couldn't get them out of my head. A week later they arrived in my arms for my birthday. So he does listen... sometimes.

It's safe to say i don't look like a skinhead and in-fact the price tag is worth it, minus the 2 hard weeks of breaking them in but i think the blood, sweat and tears of that make your bond with these shoes stronger!

My Top Three Pumpkin Cheats

All you have to do is cut out all the pulp and then hammer a cookie cutter all the way through! You'll be left with pumpkin 'star ' - or whatever shape you use, that you can pop in the oven for 30 minutes for a tasty treat. 

Just peel the skin off before eating!

Studs.These are so easy, just push them in to the design you want. They were a bit too satisfying and i ended up going over the lid.

Last but not least chalk paint! It covers amazingly well. Below is just one coat.

My Favourite Silver Hair Products!

This has been long awaited i know but i didn't want to just post what i used to use as i'm a silver newbie again. Now i can say i've been round the block with silver shampoos and i'm a ultimate connoisseur, over the past few months i've tried varied brands. I honestly can't believe what is out there nowadays. Especially when it comes to pastel variations. So below are my top products that i love and use to maintain the colour and condition!

Number one: Matrix Silver Shampoo. This is my ride or die, i feel like it doesn't dry my hair out like others and washes out extremely evenly. Also it is a dream with extensions in a purple shampoo sink bath. I had a large bottle left over from when i was silver a few years ago - defo invest in that!

Number two : Loreal professional Smart Bond conditioner. Very similar to Olaplex just a little cheaper. Both products are amazing for repairing your bleached hair but i have to give it to Loreal for being cheaper. It comes in 3 parts and as i dye my hair at home i use all three but more so the " part 3 " conditioner.

Number three : Coconut oil mixed with castor oil. This stuff is such a natural godsend. If i'm not going anywhere i will mix the two together and keep it on all day with a clingfilm head. The best mask you'll ever make. Add some peppermint oil to stimulate hair growth ( it increases blood circulation around the scalp ) .

Number four : Uberliss. First of all their packaging is the cutest. Second of all the the colour is incredible. I used Platinum Jasmine and it's wild. If you want to go pastel defo check them out!

Number five : Overtone. Amazing smell and i feel like the product lasts so long however the colour pigment is too strong. Now usually i wouldn't moan about this but when it is marked as a pastel and you come out the shower with purple hair it is slightly frustrating. However now that you know this, you won't make the same mistake as me! I mix pastel silver with pastel purple and Tresemme conditioner ( i use this as i find the big bottles are super affordable ) and that combination comes out beautiful ... LESS IS MORE. If you want to go silver i would say to use these products as they really stick to your hair and are very conditioning. Bare in mind that if you just use the pastel silver when it fades it will go a green blonde but if you mix the pastel purple in too, when it fades you will almost get a white blonde - depending on the bleach level of your hair of course.

Number Six : I was just going to do five but i can't leave Pravana chromasilk silver out. I used this years ago and i still use it now. I trust this product so much. It is a darker silver but fades beautifully and obviously you can adjust it with conditioner.

Photo Diary Of 22/9