My Super Side Red Cabbage

How many of you guys are going organic for your Christmas dinner this year? Or opt cheeky roast like we have (mid-week... what kind of animals are we?! ) Anyway i'm hero-ing the red cabbage in this little set up! 

 How truly beautiful is the colouring?!

 This is another easy recipe ( you should know this about me by now) I also made it so you can just do it on a low heat in one pan as no one likes washing up and using a frying pan for your onions is just unnecessary for this. So here we go ....

-The Ingredients-
A knob Of Butter
One Red Onion
One Garlic Clove 
Red Cabbage
3 TSP Honey
400ml Water
One Veg Stock Cube 
1 TSP Nutra Organics Velvet Latte
Handfull Of Dried Cranberries

You can play with this recipe so easily by adding apple, mustard seeds even red wine.
( Make sure to buy organic produce as it not only tastes better but the colour is wayyyyy more impactful. Let alone the health benefits and helping farmers etc etc ) 

Melt the butter in a medium pan on a low heat. Cut the onion in to half moons,slice and grate the garlic clove. Add them to the melted butter - keep on the low heat as you want them to absorb the yummy fats and soften .. you don't want them to crisp! 
Add your honey to the pan and stir.
Cut your cabbage in to half moons and cut in to strips.
Add your water, stock cube and velvet latte powder to the pan along with your cabbage.
Simmer on low heat until the cabbage has softened.
Then add your cranberries.

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