Free Baby Sensory Class?

 Teaching India to responsibly gamble at the age of 6 weeks.

Okay okay we wern't really teaching her to gamble.. but the lights, colours and noises fascinated her so we had to make a stop off at the amuesments. Free baby sensory class? Does anyone go to those?! I really want to book some after christmas. 
Fashion wise as you can probably tell i have gone back to maxi skirts. I just find them so dreamy especially when matched with baggy knits and layered jewellery. I adore this Weekday jumper it has glittery flecks in - not in a cheap way - which makes it a great piece to head in to winter with and maybe a cosy christmas day?! I can't wait to match it with my leopard print boots! I lusted over the skirt for a few months and wasn't sure if it was too statement but actually its perfect dressed up or down and the little twist with the pleated section is just... well... FUN. 
As for Miss India-Rose i am obsessed with bonnets. Again i wasn't sure about them as i didn't know if they were a little too 'classical' but i was finding hats would just ping off or be far too hot and bows not warm enough.
Anyway i hope you've all had a lovely week :)