Relationships Changing

I think this is something i will have to come back to in a few months and see how different things have changed from now. However this is something that i really wanted to post about after recent events / someone asking if i had any tips that i wish i knew before getting to the stage in pregnancy that i am now.
Honestly the only thing i could come up with is to try and not be so affected by relationships changing in you're life. This is been one of the hardest things for me to deal with.
I think it opens a lot of wounds up, stitches some up and completely castrates others.
It's not easy. I personally don't think that i'm hard work in a friendship - i'm pretty easy going as long as you don't do something to hurt me but i do find it very hard to forgive if you have. I'm not someone that needs to see you all the time or have a million texts a day to maintain our friendship. I haven't seen one of my closest friends for like 2 years cos of distance but when we do see each other it's like we've never been away. Thats what i like. I already have a husband i defo don't need another thing clinging on to my arm haha. So yeah it's definitely been interesting to see the friendships pull away after finding out my news and i don't know if thats because i'm now un-relatable, boring? i just don't know. It's cut my fragile ego though for sure. Then on the flip side i've met some amazing people through being pregnant and it's really nice to see where these new relationships go. I also find 'mums' as a whole so much nicer? Why is that?!
Family wise things changed massively. It's pulled my relationship with Toms family ALOT closer and i can only see it getting better which is amazing. My family is a odd one - very hard to talk about without going in to the details but with the loss of my dad a few years ago it occurred to me how distant i was from my family and it is a shame as honestly in full transparency i do get jealous of people with close knit family relationships - it's something you can always work towards but i think we can all agree it's not always the easiest. So that with the distance we already have has challenged me a lot also. I do struggle with the idea that my mum wont be there for the birth of our baby. Of course i understand that i live a little while away + work + not knowing when i'll pop is hard  - So that has put a strain on me mentally and again has shown me the relationship that we have is different from other mums especially when you sit and compare them i think it's more friendship than 'motherly'.
Marriage wise - couldn't be any better. We did try for a baby a few years ago and honestly we've both said that we were glad it didn't work out. Just growing together and learning every inch to the point we are at now has made such a incredible difference - I think that if we had a baby back then it would of put a strain and honestly we would of broke up but with the foundation that we have now ... i don't know how to put it in to words. It's just amazing. Of course there will still be a strain but i dunno WHEN YOU'RE READY YOU'RE READY i guess.
So yeah i think it's been one of the hardest things to deal with throughout my pregnancy and to be honest one of the biggest things that has upset me. I wish friends were still around, my dad, relationships were different etc BUT i am very grateful for the support i do have and the new relationships to come.
A very honest post for you.