Life Update

10 days until the midwife 'pokes a finger up me' - Her words not mine. Gross, i know. Hopefully it wont come to that but can you believe it?! I feel like not only am i starting a new journey with a little one but i will also be starting my journey with you guys. I'm counting the minutes. Seriously. I have so many creative ideas but no where to put them!
It's super exciting and totally nerve racking knowing that i will be full time vlogging and with weekly vlogs i feel like we will be under bigbrothers eye a little. Once this all begins i will be alot more active over on Patreon so if you could take 30 seconds out of your day to have a look it would really mean the world. Don't feel expected to contribute ( even though i would love that ) I just want to open everyones eyes that small youtubers DO NOT earn big bucks. Pretty sure i've been active for over 2 years and only received one £50 cheque in all that time. So having a patreon account even though i hate asking for help is a incredible thing and you can find awesome creatives on there.

Last few weeks update-ish-thing.

I've been taking on alot more 'AD' work on over on my instagram and i hope people wont unfollow or get mad about that fact. Personally i don't really understand why people have such a issue with it...
1. More content - I love seeing more posts from people i follow and seeing how they get creative with a project.
2. Awareness of products you don't necessarily know.

Granted i'm not earning big bucks but if i'm getting paid even a little to take a picture with pizza - i'm there ammmmirighttttt? Who wouldn't? I think people don't like the fact it's 'forcing' advertisement but most people wont try and sell you something that they don't like or doesn't fit. Granted some people would but if you're a follower of that type of person i would ask why?

I have no other news apart from i'm got myself wrapped up in a anxiety bubble of leaving the house. Which is super annoying. I just really struggle with the pain , waddling , THE FEAR of waters breaking in public , leaving my keys locked inside the flat. I honestly have no idea whats wrong with me. Even i realise it's silly but i can't help it so i will remain a recluse until *****'s here.

Anyways i hope your all well.
Georgie xo