'On Paper'

I think everyone knows what i'm talking about when i say ' on paper ' after Love Island aired but for the people that don't it's that annoying saying where every woman goes ' on paper his my type - tall , dark & handsome ' SNORE SNORE. 
Why would you categorise people in to a type and miss out on what could be your ideal man / woman. Yes looks do come in to attraction but that isn't what makes someone.
If you as a female don't want to be called 'too fat' 'too skinny' 'wears too much makeup' then stop telling everyone that the ideal man is tall, dark and handsome. These traits arn't always obtainable to men and therefor makes them feel unworthy when the words ' You're not my type on paper... ' come out. 
If you want to be based on your truths and what you are actually about ( not your outsides ) you have to do the same for men. Vice versa.

 Its the same with ' bad guys ' .
I don't know where that term has come from and to be quite honest i think its disgusting the way that society has planted it in to girls heads for them to think its okay to like one. 
We've all dated a dickhead or two .... there's no denying that. We've probably been a dickhead to a couple.
But to publicly announce that you want a bad guy .... YOU WANT someone to treat you poorly is bizarre.
You are choosing to stay up and cry over someone that has decided to delve in to someone else's vagina... someone that beats you ... maybe steals from you?! Heck even just swears at you. It's not okay. It is NOT acceptable. 
I've been there and i stayed far longer than i should of. It's not till years later i actually realised it wasn't love - it was his control. It left permanent scars that affected other relationships and i think will always chip away at my insecurities when i least expect it. These types of people are so dangerous. You should never go after them. Know your worth. Know it's never okay.

The only way you will find what you deserve is if you drop all these terms and expectations. Stop saying to your friends ' His too nice though ' . Thats not a bad thing - thats a incredible thing. Someone who is normal and has been brought up properly should never be taken for granted. Seriously when you realise what you have with a ' nice guy ' you will never fall so hard. You will reach the hashtags of couple goals without realising. There is nothing better than love. There is nothing better than being treated well. 

Please stop chasing after people that continually show you disrespect. You have one life - don't let it be ruined by someone else. 

It's never too late to turn your life around. 

Of course it's a lot easier for me to sit here and type this because i do have a amazing relationship - Yes we've had our ups and downs, Yes we totally piss each other off at times and yes i am always right .... ;) But the reason we work so well is because i don't expect him to be any less or more than he is.