I think its hard these days to remember to print off your photos. Printers / printer ink is expensive. We don't live in a world of 'film' anymore. Can you remember the days you'd trot down to the chemist to see the reveal of your poorly executed new years photos. Damn you digital taking all the fun out of things. You just upload your photos on to social media and it's done - to revisit those memories you just scroll back at them with a flick of a button ( or thumb ) .
However what happens if your social media gets deleted or your password forgotten? Even worse your phone breaks or has a mental breakdown and you loose all your photos? Those memories are literally wiped away in a second.

 I've personally gone through the hearbreak of loosing all of my travelling photos. I honestly cried all morning becuase being a content creator i NEED content... so all my work had vanished.
I literally mourned for them.

 So lets take away the thought of loosing them for a second.
Lets talk about our grandparents or even parents who have these beautiful thick photo albums full of memories.
You can physically flick through them- laugh and share the stories. Theres something so nostalgic and beautiful about them. 
I feel like were completely loosing that side of things because of this virtual world we are being brought up in. It really does sadden me that my child is going to view everything through a screen.

However that is not to say that i hate technology and social media. 
Especially when you find a app that solves all of my issues!
Drumroll please ...Mypostcard. 

This little app is awesome. 
Not only is it great for making handmade cards or postcards with your own pictures ( to send to yourself or directly to the receiver )  They also do polaroid prints which are super adorable - by the way the quality is awesome! Oh and of course normal prints in varied sizes. 
What i like about it is the fact that you can go straight from uploading them on what ever social media to then getting them printed and sent to you in literally 2 minutes.
I'm so happy i've found this. I know theres always been sites you can get photos printed but its always been hassle to get them uploaded and when you receive them the quality is off. 
I can't wait to start making my own little photo album and hopefully get this little tradition going.

Also, when you download the app if you use my friends code you will get $3 credit on the app .  :)

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