Gifting For Men

Its Coming up to Toms birthday... ish.
I like to stay ahead of the game because i'm weirdly organised and although i don't like to buy presents percifically for birthday/christmas/occasions - i would much rather see something and be like 'omg i need to get that for ....' than a forced present. However i think a little someone would be disappointed if i didn't.

Getting presents for men are hard unless you know what they want... so i like to stick to the basics.
Clothes - Everyone loves clothes.
Pants and socks - We know how fast they go through them! 
Shoes - A good pair of shoes always goes down well.
Gadgets - Boys and their toys ammmmmiright.
Jewellery - I love jewellery on men from watches, rings to necklaces. It's a nice thing to buy as i don't think it's something men really go out to get.
Tools - Not something i would recommend unless you know what they want...

So i've started to create a little wish list and i thought i would share it with you. I'll be adding to it throughout the year so keep an eye out for it.

Now i know his more than likely to see this so FYI your not getting any of these ;)