Getting back in to illustration

I don't usually talk much about my past ie school or pre marrying Tom because honestly i hated school and before meeting Tom i was drinking far too much and doing absolutely nothing with my life.
So basically i struggled with school as i think most people do because for one i come from a very bright family with high expectations that i could never live up to. The way the lessons were played out i just couldn't learn, i'm a very visual person so text books and listening i just turned off. I failed at maths so my dad said i had to retake it which meant 6th form. Which then in turn made me pick things that i didn't want to sit and learn about. Now looking back i probably sound really ungrateful for having a education and pushy parenting but it just didn't work for me. I wanted to do something artistic.  At this point i was living with my mum who is a lot more like me and just let me get on with things. So i quit 6th form after not really turning up and go to college to study Art and Design as they had the same course as the Uni did but a inch of the price. To be honest i didn't take it too seriously as i had just begun going out but i did learn about developing my own style and i really got in to fashion illustration - however this was at the end of the year and i had to choose where i wanted to take it next. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Anyway long story short i met boys and parties and completely forgot about my love of art. Over the next few years i'd pick up a brush or a fine line but i always got distracted plus i never felt like i could make a career out of it. So i just and got the average jobs to pay my way to stumble home at 4am.
Fast forward to now. 
I always remember looking at my mums sketchbooks and being inspired by what she drew when she was younger and that is what i want to give my children because there is nothing better than having a creative outlook.
So i'm picking up my pens even if i'm not a inch on what i was and working on my style. 
I've set myself little goals and i'm just really excited where it takes me even if it's just a hobby.

For some reason i'm really in to London buildings and bunnies ? I think i'll keep you all updated on here with how i get on and progress as it's a little less intimidating than other platforms like instagram where i feel like i'll get judged. You never know though i might get a bit cocky! 

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!