My Favourite Summer Dress

This dress is a absolute obsession. 
White. Tick. Dots. Tick. Frills. Tick
I've seen it on other people ( non pregnant humans ) and on me ( the lump ) and it is just so flattering!! Such a must have for summer. 
If i had a beach holiday i would take the slip off and wear it as a beach cover up soooo bloomin' versatile.

Ps. who has noticed that my wallpaper has changed? I know i know its still dots but ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT I SWEARRRRR. livettes wallpaper goes up in literally 10 minutes and removable. What a godsend. I will promote her till the day i die. I'm so grossly dramatic. 
I can't wait to show you guys a flat tour after being here i guess five years now? It has changed so so much but i finally feel like i have the balance between my style and Toms. Which is so important when it comes to your living space. I hate going in to homes and it's 100% the females personalty but i guess if that works for you then hey who am i to judge?! It's been amazing to add little baby touches too. 
Anyway this post was meant to be about the dress! I've linked it down below for you :) I think the 'smaller' sizes have sold out ( sizes 10+ are available currently )  but i sized up to a 14 anyways - if your used to wearing smock dresses you'll know that going up a few sizes wont matter especially in this material.