I have a very ridiculous obsession with mules although i do have a very valid reason.
Lets see how i justify this one hey....
Numero uno - i have paper thin skin and they blister at the site of any shoe. I have tried everything under the sun to prevent blisters. I could even wear a pair of shoes everyday for 5 years and my feet would still shrivel up and die. So having a shoe that doesn't have a back is a dream because i then only have to worry about the front!
Number two - They are stupidly comfy. Heels or flats. If i was a cool kid i would say they are bae.
Three - You can dress them up or down. I don't look good in trainers - i'm 4'11 so they somehow cut me in half. Having something that is comfy and casual is amazing but you can also get away with dressing them up too because they're all like heyyyyyyy i have my heel and ankle out wink wink.

I don't know if you remember but a few years ago they wern't really about. 
Gucci popped up and have given them a whole new life. You can get them in so many different colours and styles now. I actually think they are more varied than the normal shoe.
So all i'm thinking is collect them all now before they go 'out of fashion' right?!

so here is my collection which trust me if i had the money i would have ALOT more.

My favourite stores for mules- 
Asos - For connivence and next day delivery. 
Mango and Topshop - For quality.
Ego - For amazing Gucci dupes and cheapness!
Next - For allllll of the comfort.
Revolve - For boho loving babes.

Ive added some of my favourites from other stores and a pair of loafers because they are as comfy as mules ( plus on sale at the moment )  

- Basically my want list and then the ones you see above photos too :)
I hope i give the bug over to you so they'll never stop producing them.