Little Baby Bits

I think if anyone actually reads my blog you'll realise that i'm not finding pregnancy tooooo fun. I WILL REPEAT - I AM SO GRATEFUL AND HAPPY THAT I AM but it is a pile of shit.
The only nice bit is knowing your growing something that you and you partner ( or lover ) have made. The sickness, tiredness, back pain, skin stretching non bending part is awful. I feel like anyone that says they enjoy pregnancy are the type of people that say getting a tattoo doesn't hurt. 
However i can tell you this... i'm very much enjoying spending my last pennies on cute little items. 
I am very lucky and have been sent a few but i would of totally bought them anyway. 

Most things i have bought are from Smallable. In the outlet section is amazing because you can get everything for a tenth of the price. They also have awesome decorations and toys! The brand Numero 74 is a dream - $$$$ though!!!!

Next up is this cute handmade shop-
Not only is Rebecca's items cute as a button but super affordable and you know your getting something made with love!

Sarah Bendrix is where i go when i'm looking for wooden toys.
Totally unisex and would make the cutest presents too! I definitely have my eyes on a few to finish off the nursery with!

 I hunted everywhere for a little camera that wasn't over £80 ( ridiculous right?! ) and i finally found one at Litte Rose & Co.
I also got some white pins and a little ball and they are one of my fav shelf pieces!

Young Soles.
Oh my god. 
The craftsmanship on these are just TO DIEEEEEE FORRRR.
When our little one is big enough the derby boots are going to be stapled to her feet

Don't forget to tag shops for me on instagram i love finding new ones to swoon over! 

See You Soon,