Hello Fresh Flavour Generator

I love trying new recipes but being pregnant i want to find quick and easy ones without spending hours on pinterest or google.
Hello Fresh have got it down to a T. I love how interactive they've made this little generator 
( i can see kids loving to take part in not only picking but then cooking the recipe as well ) 
All you have to do is put in the cuisine you fancy and then the taste. I went with Mexican and tangy just to see what it would put out there. BAMB i wanted to eat all three options it gave me - i didn't need to give it another spin. 

I went with the Mexican Spiced Chilli Tostada with Guac and Cheese as it was something i've never cooked before and well... cheese!! 

They then give you a easy to follow step by step instructions with images which is super handy for anyone that is more of a picture follower. 

If there is more than just 2 of you eating all you have to do is click a button to say how many and it will adjust the ingredients for you. Absolute genius. How many of us have bought too little or too many ingredients because of our shoddy maths! I know i've definitely been there.
Not only does it have that feature it tells you how long it will take and the difficulty level.

For anyone that is watching their calories or gluten intake etc they have a easy to find bar with per serving or 100g.
They have made this so user friendly. 
It is literally everything that you would complain a site didn't have - They've got it BUT SIMPLE AND EASY!
I would even let my mum loose on the site and thats saying something as she is pretty awful with technology. Sorry mum.

 I actually can't wait to make this recipe again as its such a family pleaser. There is nothing better than not having to plate everyone up or worry about proportions. You can lay it all out on the table and let everyone help themselves. I just adore that type of food however there is always one person who takes all the cheese!

Anything that gets Tom licking the plates and cutlery clean gets 5 gold stars from me.

Flavour Generator-

Mexican Tostadas-

Remember food should always be happy and stress free.