Beach Daze

Is it hot in the UK or is it hottttttttt.
I'm a absolute brit when it comes to moaning about the weather... ( all year round ) but this has absolutely slaughtered me.
Having my own little homemade water bottle slap bang in my womb really has caught me off guard. 
I constantly feel dehydrated from my sweaty moustache letting out all the liquid or my new found love the sweaty underboob. Lets not forget my chaffing thighs. Thank you who ever invented vaseline and maternity 'cycling shorts' knickers. Man i'm so attractive. Arn't you glad your reading this huh?!
Anyway this 32 degree weather can knaff off. Living in a flat with garden house windows + working from home just isn't working out for me. No no no no no no. *Prays for a storm to bring the rain so i can moan about that.

Today we had a midwifes appointment which she took yet more blood. I read in ' How to grow a baby ' by Clemmie Hooper ( thanks Emma - I love it ) that midwifes were blood hungry vampires and i have to agree. I'm a shrivelled up prune. A little bit dramatic, sure.
Everythings going steady now and my back pain has totally eased off. Which of course is awesome. However my weigh in wasn't much to be desired. She bigggggg along with my butt, boobs and thighs. Thanks body. I'll look forward to the gym. Rolls eyes.

After that we headed over to Breezes in Hill Head. We haven't been in what feels like years.
It's crazy beautiful and a much needed half day away. 

As you can tell i adore this hat. So perfect for summer days.

I swear i'm still a positive person.. 

Also i haven't shopped in Next for myself in years but my god have they stepped up their mule game. These little brown babes are my go - to literally every single day! If i had the money i would purchase about 6 different pairs! Make sure to check them out!

Everything i'm wearing is normal human sizes ( not maternity )

Hope you've all had a great hump day.