28 Week Update

So this is 18 - 28 weeks.
I finally have enough photos to make a collage so it's easier to see my progression. 
BOY OH BOY look at me grow. I am slightly worried how the next photo will go as the bump is coming off the screen. First world problems - worrying about making a collage i know, i know.
I remember buying these bikini bottoms thinking the bow looked a bit ridiculous and big but i wanted something cutsey so i didn't feel so 'naked' or raunchy. Now look at it. It looks like one you put on a yorkies head.
I seem to have reversed back in to the first trimester with tiredness and being emotional. Which i have been waiting for as it was going a little too good. Stairs are a killer. Walkings a killer. EVERYTHING is a killer. Emotions wise i think it's more due to circumstance and worrying- Tom and i have come to the heartbreaking decision that we just can't keep Milo. There are many factors each equaling to me feeling like a absolute failure with him. I used to get so annoyed when i would hear these stories of dogs being given away due to a new baby and now i'm one of them. Unfortuantly my hormones have changed him. I mothered him far too much. Now his too possessive and choosing to behave in a way that he never has before. That isn't to say his a 'bad' dog in anyway. I feel like i'm one of those mothers trying to justifying his behaviour. It just isn't safe to have him around a newborn. It brings me to floods of tears every time i say it out loud or like now to type it. I've had to admit that i can't cope with him acting in the ways he as been - which has been hard as he is a well trained dog. Bless him he also has bundles of energy you can never satisfy and i know i wont be able to give him the attention he needs. Just sucks as you never know what way a dog will turn out like with the baby hormones. Minnie however -  incase you were wondering is like a cat she spends most the day on her own away from everyone. No issues apart from eating to much - that will never change. 
I also have started to do some light exercise as i've began to get cellulite on my thighs. Annoying but gave me the kick i needed as although i have been eating healthy i haven't been doing anything like i used to. Infact i've become quite the homebody slouch potato. So i've got myself a little gym ball - been getting on the squats and i feel better / seeing improvement.
I've got no visible stretch marks on my belly however my belly piercing feels like its ripping which is super uncomfortable. I had it ripped out before so i think the skins a little delicate anyway. Why i ever got it re-pierced i don't know. I do have a stretch mark on my boob which i absolute hate. They are melons now. I used to want them this size but let me tell you if i had the option of pulling my implants out i would. Don't get me wrong they're a cracking set of fake boobs exactly what i wanted big and natural looking. However i want my tiny titties back. Ones that don't get underboob sweat or leak everywhere. 
My midwife keeps telling me how much bigger i will get because of my height and she's got no where else to go. However i'm sure she'll find a opening in a few months ... sly eyes .. RIP vagina.

Love my baby - hate my pregnancy. ( I found that quote quite amusing thought it was worth the share )