Why taking five minutes is so important

Why taking five minutes is so important.

Today my internet just went cuppot. Without my internet i cannot do any work. What a scary thing huh?! 
Actually it was a godsend becuase it made me sit down with a massive matcha latte and a magazine. 
Something that is a rarety as theres always something to do. 
Working from home is a bonus with working around you instead of working around someone elses hours. This doesn't make it easy - for a dozen other reasons ( thats for another blog post ) . Anyway when your working from home when you get those spare 10 minutes you'll do your washing, cleaning or just general pottering that people usually wait until the weekend to do ... or when the 'kids have gone to bed' 
So when i got halfway through a page by The Collective - easily my favourite magazine ever. So so inspiring. It dawned on me this is where i used to get so much inspiration and ideas from. Taking the time out to read about other people and their successes or even just skimming through the images 
instantly made me take a step back and realise that i was just regurgitating what i see on other peoples social media feeds.

So if your not taking 5 minutes for your sanity i solely suggest you do it for inspiration.

See you soon