Nude Tones

Nude tones will forever be my favourite... along with white of course. They just go hand in hand so easily. My wardrobe is probably 90% white and although this is awesome for spring i do realise i need to change it up. So this pastel pink skirt was ideal.

I've really been enjoying this statement earring trend. I've always just kept to my basic little rings... one for comfort two because well i'm a little boring when in comes to piercings. Unless you count that dreaded 'emo' 'scene kid' stage we all went through.... why was it ever a good idea to stretch your skin so you could see all the way through it?! It has come in handy though as the cat bum hole can now have two earrings in at once so i can just plop these in over the top of my hoops. Ultimate laziness right there.

Another trend i've been enjoying is frills! Can you even imagine you saying that a few years ago?! I'm obsessed i just wish i had the extra pennies to indulge.
They give such a feminine twist to any part of the outfit.
Honestly this blouse is a absolute steal! It's so delicate and i love every detail to it from the texture, frill and smock finish. So cute. However pre warning.... you'll need a cami or a bra and some highwaist pants for this one! ( How beautiful would it be over a bikini on holiday?! )

See you soon!