Mermaid Toast

Okay so you all remember the unicorn toast trend huh?! Well mermaid toast is pretty much the same thing. 

Looking at it makes it look so delishishly unhealthy but actually you can make it as healthy or unhealthy as you like - Easy route food colourings and cream cheese. Healthier route natural food dyes like beetroot and blue algaes.
Basically all of those beautiful lattes that keep popping up?! This toast is made from the same anti inflammatory ingredients!

The great thing about this is its yours to play around with -

Basic Ingredients:
  • Cream cheese regular or almond milk cream cheese
  • Spirulina,matcha,velvet latte powder ( anything with colour in ) - Healthy option
  • Food colouring - Unhealthy option
  • Toasted bread
  • Toppings
My favourite is to play with the Nutra Organics Velvet Latte. It is so beautiful and can be incorporated into so many meals!

Once you've toasted your bread you'll want to leave it to cool as otherwise the cream cheese will melt in to it and you wont be able to get your artistic 5 minutes in.
Then play around with mixing either the powders or food colouring drops with the cream cheese to get the colours you desire... and spread. Its that easy.
No need for butter!!

Then just top with your favourite toppings.

Oh and this is 'mermaid toast' so don't forget to add the glitter! ( edible of course )

See you soon!