24 Weeks Update

24 Weeks

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18 Weeks

I thought i'd better get this up before i forget (again)
Back pains have started to really play on my day. Fell over due to the spasms shooting down my leg. I have bought a back support though and is helping relieve the back pain but not sciatica. That was a well worthy £20! - It's so bad i'm even turning down back rubs because it just doesn't do a onze of good. 
I only have one bra that fits me at the moment which is glorious when every single bloomin' day my nipples leak. Rolls eyes. Thanks body.
Apart from that i'm feeling fine even with the odd jab in the ribs... I swear she has got her own body alarm clock as she seems to move around at certain times of the day. She's even started to tickle me which is totally weird but i kind of love it.

3 months to go!! 

See You Soon