Vintage Bags

So some of you may or may not know that i have been selling off all of my designer items. Due to needing baby items which are highly overpriced. I sold my last bag yesterday and i almost cried. So we wont talk anymore on that. However there has been a plus to all of this ... the uncovering of my vintage Gucci bag. 
If you can't afford designer bags then vintage is the path for you! Yes they're still pricey but about £1200 cheaper than a 'up to date' modern designer bag! I picked this one up for £45 years ago and if you have a look now you can get them for around £100-120 ( cheaper than a Kate Spade bag and even some Mango - highstreet bags ) 
I think this is definitely the route i will be going down as it just adds a little more character to your outfit.

Ps. Can we please discuss this rare occasion of me wearing trainers... i know right?! WHAT.
This whole back pain thing is making me have causal vibes.
I really have to thank the one and only Lily Allen for making it acceptable to wear trainers with dresses and skirts. 

Jumper - Mango / Skirt - Asos / Trainers - La Redoute / Bag - Vintage Gucci