BlueBird Tea Co Subscription


Today i received the BlueBird Tea through my letter box and it didn't disappoint. 
First of all it's cuteness got me hook line and sinker from the little details on the spoon to your own little teabags for you to handmake a brew without having a diffuser!
I've never known any other loose tea packs to have this.
Second of all taste... they are such beautiful blends! So creative and smooth exactly what you want from a tea whether you add milk or not.  ( if your a tea lover you'll understand ) 
Thirdly it's clear to see what ingredients are actually in the product being pregnant i over worry about everything. So that being so bold with no hidden chemicals is incredible.

My favourite from this month was the Hot Cross Bun flavour. Rooibos Tea is up there with english breakfast for me so that got a million thumbs up.

After looking on there about page i was surprised at the wide range of ingredients they use from herbs, flowers, fruits, caramels, chocolate.. and even cake sprinkles.... like how?! crazy but i love it.

This is part of a six month subscription which makes a awesome present for tea lovers as you'll receive new teas every month. They also cater to your needs if you don't like green teas or have any allergies then they'll make each box especially for you! Which is a service you wouldn't get in any regular shop.

- 6 tea filled months, discover a new favourite each time!
- Receive limited edition and seasonal blends before they go on sale.
- Discounted price so you save money compared to ordering tea in individual bags.
- No extra costs - prices include postage.
- Parcel fits through a standard letter box!
- No rolling contract or obligation to continue after your subscription ends
Not only do i recommend this brand but i also love Not On The Highstreet too - It is such a great host to so many unique and small brands. You can really get to know the maker on a more personal level which is what i think we miss in this modern world with not actually venturing out from beyond our laptop screens to shop anymore!

Please give them some much deserved love they have plenty more to offer than the subscription if that isn't your thing!