Barfoots : Grown With Love

Today i received a beautiful box of veg from Barfoots. 
It was the perfect day for it to arrive as i had absolute zero in the fridge and this gave me everything for a tasty lunch and more!

I decided to go with the sweet potato wedges and the butternut sweet potato soup pack! 

For the wedges i love mine with lots of flavour and cripsy! 
I preheated my oven to 200 degrees - placed them on a tray and drizzled some olive oil and 'Caribbean' herbs i bought from amazon ... ( i say Caribbean as thats what it says on the tub but it just contains the usual mixed dried herbs! ) Then for the last little punch i added some marmite. Even if you hate marmite i suggest you try the teeniest dribble on your wedges or chippies as its the most devine taste ever. I kept them in there for 45 minutes with a little twist and turn halfway.

For the soup it was very easy as the boring job was done for you. So all i had to do was chuck it in a pan with a teeny splash of oil and fried them until they were soft. I then added 1 litre of water, a teaspoon of cumin and a stock cube. Left it to cook on a medium heat for 25 minutes.
It was then wizzed around my smoothie maker aka food processor till smooth. At this point i decided to add a dash of milk to make it slightly creamier.
I topped it off with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and of course salt and pepper.

Super yummy, super healthy and left me feeling like i could concour the rest of the day. 

The soup actually makes enough for 6 so don't worry Tom wasn't left out..

If you know me well you know i love my fruit and veg. I love it as fresh as i can get it. If i cant make it down the farm shop i will be 100% picking up these handy little packs. The quality is incredible and you know your buying something that is ( let me be cheesy here ) GROWN WITH LOVE - as it says on the packet. It is such a great farming community they really are looking after our environment i will leave their links below if you would like to know more!