20 Weeks Update

20 weeks
18 Weeks

I cannot get over how fast this time is going and how quickly my body is changing. 

Things i've noticed over the last two weeks... 
LEAKY BOOBS. As unattractive as it sounds and really bizarre seeing liquid come out of something that never has for 26 years. I actually thought i had somehow dribbled on myself to begin with... not sure what i would of preferred.
They have grown quite dramatically too which i'm sure for alot of people is a great thing but i'm really not enjoying lugging them about and for them to turn in to droppy dog ears after the feeding is done. 
Back pain but i shouldn't complain about it too much as its only going to get worse. 
* Slightly worried i'm turning in to a hunchback *

However on a positive note it's been amazing to see my belly grow in to a actual bump and with that -feeling her move and kick about.

See you in another 2 weeks!