Valentines Gift Ideas

So for you all that don't know Tom and i got married on Valentines day. Happy accident so we actually both always remember the date so this does mean that love is in the air for me at the moment .... Yes yes i know it is a money making day which really doesn't mean that much and sucks if your single. 
For me however being our wedding anniversary and having another year ticked off and being able to celebrate how awesome i .. i mean WE are is a incredible thought.

Buying presents for such a random day as 'love' can be cheesy and lets face it i'm sure we have all received our fair share of shitty presents. so i thought i would put together a few things that would make a beautiful hamper or just stunning presents on their own. 

I'm going to start off with a DIY project. This is a very cute idea for either a man or female - Everyone loves personal items. I've kept notes from when we were first dating, its a crazy beautiful thing when someone puts down in words how or why you make them happy. So you can easily pick this love note arrow from Anthropologie or i'm sure you can make the whole thing yourself if your diy savy! 
*They also have a cute Valentines gift section if you were creating a hamper*

Now i know everyone loves lush bathbombs so they are always a great idea for a present but i did find a site that was a little more quirky called The Bath House they have different flavourings for men and females and the packaging is out right gift worthy.

It's cold. They say its spring but it feels more like winter. Although i don't agree with Brandy Melives sizing 'one size' and no other. I do love the jumpers they are so soft and good quality perfect to snuggle up if your staying in.

Lets move on to chocolates and edibles. I personally love receiving items that i probably wouldn't buy myself as they are on the luxury side of things or  even something crazy tasting to try!
So first on the list is macarons they scream France, romance, cuteness and of course are very instagramable! Oh god why is that a word now.  These ones i actually got from Amazon and anything that can be delivered on prime makes me very happy.

So here is one of the things on the more luxury scale at £5 - The Holdworth Marc De Champagne Truffles.They taste as good as the packaging looks but you do only receive 5 or 6. You should definitely take a look at the website as they do beautiful chocolate boxes which do make amazing gifts.

Now if you are looking for something that is visually stunning in the truffle section Charbonnel et Walker is the marker for me.Their packaging makes my heart melt and chuck out heart shaped butterflies. I cannot describe how happy it makes me. You can go for the heart themed box because well valentines but i do enjoy the classic pink round box with the gold trim.

I've wanted a excuse to try the Mast Brothers chocolate for sometime so this was the perfect time to indulge. They have odd flavour pairings like herbs to normal milk chocolate. The packaging is beautiful. However it is pricey and the postage price isn't desirable in the slightest so if you do live near the shop i would suggest the trip up.

If you wanted to go with something a little more causal weirdly wonderful tasting popcorn might be the way forward. It comes in all different packaging so you can decided whether your partners worth the jar or the orange marmalade flavour. They are also do a valentines pack with rose chocolate or white chocolate and strawberry.

So thats everything that i included picture wise but i have created a little mini list to get your idea juices going.

Gig tickets
A bath full of petals ( that alone instead of a present to get the sparks going)
Netflix Subscription
Picture Frame with both of you in it
Hot chocolate spoons!
Favourite magazine subscription ( Kinfolk, The Collective Hub, Darling )
Of course underwear ( For Love & Lemons for something special ) 
Notebooks ( Blacklist Studios & Paper Bunny are my fav )

If i have failed Google and Pinterest is your man.

* - They are real and last a year if you want to splash out.

Ps. Dont forget to set your alarm early to make breakfast in bed.

I hope this has given a few ideas and you all have a cheesy holiday full of love.