My Style Icon

I first found Sarah Harris on the Vogue Youtube channel walking down a hall in some silver loafers *at this point i already wanted to be her best friend* She then went on to show the viewers the contents of her bag. I was in awe. Now now i know we are a little bit of grey hair twinnies so i might be a little bit biased to pick her for my first style icon but common just look at her outfits...

They are just everything. She is the ultimate.

So i could speak wonders about her style but that is really obvious when she's dripping in designer chicness. The Ultimate wardrobe i would want to dive in to!
So not only is she my style icon due to the fact that our styles are very similar from two pieces, jumpsuits and statement jackets but she's down to earth. I really gravitate to that type of human as i find them super intriguing often normal and will tell you whats what. 
Small example with this article i read *below* about how honest she is about turning grey at 16 and hating it- to now rocking it!

''These days, I like the rebelliousness of my hair; that it’s honest and non-conformist. Although the irony is, many people think I dye it. A debate between two girls took place on my Instagram account, one telling the other that I dye it, the other insisting that I didn’t. In the end, I told them who was right.''

 she joined vogue 10 years ago progressing from a fashion features writer to editor and now director. Talk about girl boss. A total role model.

So who is your biggest style icon?

Vogue Youtube:

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