21 for the 6th time.

So for the people that don't know i recently turned 21. HA. Yeah in my dreams. I'm now at 26. I think once you get past the age of 23 you literally roll your eyes when you wake up on that dreaded day. 
I've wanted to visit Manchester for such a long time so yeah - this was a perfect excuse to spend a bit of money on a delicious hotel room. 
I have spent alot of time in some lovely hotels but honestly this one took the biscuit, ugh so dreamy. It was the perfect cross between Toms style and mine. Everything from the uniform to the corridors was perfection. Every detail was thought of.10/10. 
It really was one of those moments when you walk in your jaw drops and all you can say is wow. 
We actually came back from our evening out to spend it at the bar which had another jaw dropping moment with the lit up view. 
I can not praise Tom enough for this trip he really did think about making it special for me. One was a incredible present that i just cannot get over and was so crazy generous ( sorry i'm keeping it a secret, i'm one of them *hides face* ) To booking a restaurant that i will never forget. It was just so prefect and i wish that i could of invited you all to share it all with me.
I'm not gonna lie Tom and i had a few wines and cocktails by the point that we got to tattu so i don't know whether it enhanced the experience or dulled it but my god it was beautiful. After tottering around and struggling with google maps to walk in from the icey air to this dark,sexy warm resturant ... was just ... well i don't know how to explain it. Just wow. 

Not only did Tom, Gotham and Tattu make my trip amazing but the whole atomosphere of Manchester // people of Manchester. I have never been complimented or even just smiled at so much in my life. I don't know whether people get nicer the higher up we get in the UK or somethings in the water but i just wanted to be friends with everyone. 

I really have been taken a-back with Manchester. It now holds such a strong place in my heart.
It is booked in to our calender for atleast once every year.